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The UK's dedicated invisible clothing photography studio and Packshot studio, 6500sq feet of studio with eight members of staff producing some 5000+ images per week for both large and small clients. For the latest prices please visit PRICING

For the latest prices please visit PRICING

5 Reasons to use Studio488 invisible mannequin services.

1. Both directors and owners of the business come from retail/IT backgrounds, and fully understand the entire life cycle from manufacturer to delivery of a product in the ecommerce and retail sectors including warehousing distribution, sales channels, conversions, customer experience, website usability, current trends and technology. With this vast experience in these areas we, through photography, parter each of our customers to achieve more sales and conversions through great imagery.

2. Eight members of the team, we are not a photographer working from his shed and doing this type of shoot to make ends meet, TWELVE YEARS in business and have published over ONE MILLION images proves we do what we say, when we say.

3.No need to book slots, or see if we can fit you in, once your onboard, you basically have our studio at your disposal, simply send in what you want photographing and we do the rest, no need to tell us or ask, just send or drop off and we take care of the rest. As one of our newest customers from AUSTRALIA has just done.

4. Preparation and detail, each and every garment is steamed using professional dry cleaner grade steamers, these retail at £600 each, we NEVER go near your garments with an iron or cheap ebay steamer. Your goods are packed back the way they came with all awing tickets and labels reattached.

5. Price, now we don't pretend to be the cheapest, we are not, the cheaper studios are not commercial studios, and tend to be one or two man bands, nothing wrong with that, but they cannot compete with us in terms of speed, capacity, consistency, availability. As such we will guarantee to be cheaper than ANY like for like studio.

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